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What does "[Consciously] Create Your Reality" mean?


Everyday and every moment, everyone is making choices. Whether we are conscious or unconscious of the choices we make, we are always shaping our reality. Are there things that are beyond our control? Yes. However, the mental, spiritual and energetic capabilities of the human mind are powerful enough to shape our external world & collective experience.


The intention of this journey is to provide you with a safe chrysalis to engage in the introspection that will catalyst you into the great transformation you desire. This journey is an exploration of alchemy, universal laws and the 1st law of thermodynamics, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed."

Our goal is to ease the tension and frequency of resistant thoughts that permeate the mind with doubt, scarcity & fear...


While simultaneously calibrating to harmonious thoughts that stimulate the mind with faith, abundance & confidence. In order to accomplish this alchemic process, it is essential to face the challenges and suppressed memories that have created harmful beliefs and obstacles to achieving your goals.


Healing is a constant journey. This journey will equip you with psycho-spiritual tools you can use throughout your lifetime. The questions and exercises in this journey are designed to be re-useable after completion and applicable to future scenarios.


This Journey includes:
-12 Monthly calendar pages
-To-do lists
-Writing prompts
-Inspirational quotes and passages
-Notebook & sketch book pages


  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 294 pages
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 0.86 x 9 inches


And available on Amazon at

Consciously Create Your Reality: An Exploration of Alchemy

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