Adornment is an ancient alchemic art... 


The intention of this ritual is to turn any person, place or thing into a sanctuary

for magic to take place. 


All natural-all majestic ingredients for you & your temple.


Every order (unless otherwise specified) will recieve a magic Adornment box with a beeswax candle and flowers included.


*If ordering outside of Denver, Colorado your bottle will be shipped in a tightly sealed, travel safe, dropper bottle (not cork bottle pictured above)- Due to Covid & the postal service orders may be recieved slower than usual. Orders outside of Denver, Colorado will be shipped the week of the New Moon. 


How to use:

Upon opening your Adornment box, hold the bottle in your hands and take time to set an intention of calling in what you need & desire most in life (for your highest good). You may write your intention down on a piece of paper (and if you feel called release it by burning it). Speak in positives and "I am" statements to call in your power. When you feel your intention is set, skake the bottle and use on your body and/or face whenever you like. 


Ingredients and Magical Contents:

Avocado oil, Shea butter, Almond oil, Rose Hips oil, Emu oil, Olive oil, Lavender oil, Ceadarwood oil, Jasmine oil, Frankincense oil, Mica powder, Rose petals, Gems, Magic



100 ml, dropper bottle

Adornment by Absoulute Vibe