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Origins of The Crown of Equality

"Yaasss Queen!" He said

"Yaasss King!" She replied

"Yaasss Quing/Kweeng?" They said in unison

They both gasped at this word, new to their ears. A combination of the words "queen" and "king" representing both the royal feminine and masculine. A profound word that for some reason rang in our hearts and asked us to just follow this "gold thread".

"Oooh! That should go on a shirt." Aki said jokingly

"Do it!" Zea encouraged.


One week and many metamorphosis later... The Crown of Equality was born. The Crown of Equality is a symbol of balance, peace, self love, compassion and equality. After that playful conversation, I was filled with so much passion. I couldn't stop working on the crown collection, I couldn't help but think about its evolution.

The Crown wanted to evolve and so did every single person around me. I immediately received so much support about the crown and witnessed people being filled with that same passion. Friends and family would call me in the middle of the night about ideas they had for the collection. It became clear to me very early that this was not just a collection of T-shirts it was a movement. The movement of the crown is a call to action to be unique, be equal and be royal. It's a worldwide movement asking people to treat each other with love and as equals whilst still celebrating our differences.

One of my favorite questions to ask people is, "What does the world need?" I love hearing the array of answers and watching the deep soul searching for their honest answer. Most people tend to say things along the lines of "Peace" "Respect" "Environment solutions" & "To treat people how they want to be treated" (The Golden rule). I believe the crown is just a reminder of that "Golden Rule" and believing that we are able to be what the world needs and all it could take is mindfulness and being your unique self, treating people as equals and embodying/feeling what it means to live like royalty.

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