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CC: Anthony Christxpher

Creator of Absoulute Vibe 

Founder of Ultima: Universe City (Formly Known as Conscious Creatives

Visionary behind "Aki & the Virtuals" & "Vibe Palace" & "buy Back The Block"

& Author of "100 Things" and "The Mind Which Exists: A Collection of Thoughts, Poems & Experiences"


Multidimensional being, Akiala I, was sent to earth to assist humanity's ascension and evolution. Through interactive and virtual experiences, Aki integrates the viewer or "player" with higher dimensional frequencies. Aki's current mediums of expression consist of adornment, sound, storytelling, and Futuristic - 80s -  workout videos (Aki & The Virtuals). Aki believes that taking actions to consciously create your reality is what life is about. She's committed to sharing her personal journey in hopes that it will encourage others to activate their ideal self. 



Aki is a mirror, reflecting the image of her ideal self and world. Being a mother, she also aspires to give children the inspiration, platform, and courage to be themselves

and share their solutions for a harmonious future.  

View her portfolio, press appearances, and CV below

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Multidimensional Futurist, Fashion Designer & Author

Denver, CO


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